This year has brought many changes for me and my family. We have been fortunate to be able to work remotely and afford to keep in relative isolation. I have been given time to consider how I move through and engage with the world. So far this year I have experienced:

  • Shift in work environment, moving to remote
  • Passing of a loved one
  • Isolation from friends and family as health precaution
  • Remote schooling for a primary school student
  • Mindful reduction in social media consumption, weaning off of
  • Bike rides and golfing
  • Continued study in systems administration, dev-ops, and software development

Like many, I think, I have a nagging sense of civic/environmental doom that colors my experiences. I am starting to actively seek affirmative and positive things. Before, as a younger, busy person, I’ve tolerated the world sort of washing over me and grabbing onto strings in close proximity. I don’t want to cast about any longer.

So, not unrelatedly, I want to start documenting some of my notes and work, posting things that I think could be interesting or helpful to others as well as an outlet for writing for myself. I’m learning the ropes with Jekyll to revamp my portfolio and write.

Et voila.